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Heather Coleman

Phone 0437 045 916


Mrs Heather Coleman
Townsville Irlen Diagnostic Service
Unit 1 / 48 Thuringowa Drive

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Heather Coleman

Townsville Irlen Diagnostic Service

Chapter: BNI Momentum

Healthcare, General Health & Brain Function

My Business

I diagnose Irlen Syndrome which is caused by a sensitivity to light. To manage the problem I prescribe coloured lenses for glasses. Symptoms of Irlen Syndrome are difficulty reading as print moves or goes blurry (often associated with dyslexia), headaches, migraines, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, problems driving at night, and depth perception difficulties which result in difficulty catching balls, judging distances and clumsiness. irlen lenses can help with Autisim, , ADD, ADHD, Chronic fatigue and light induced epilepsy.

Ideal Referral

Some one (any age) having difficulty with reading and / or is experiencing headaches, stress or fatigue.

Top Product

Coloured lenses for glasses that filter out the wave length of light that is causing the problem.

Top Problem Solved

Light sensitivity and the particular symptoms it is causing for each individual.

My Favorite BNI Story

After my first meeting as a visitor a 6 year old was booked in to see me.

My Ideal Referral Partner

An optometrist who understands Irlen Syndrome.

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